VISION Radio S02E18

May 04, 2022 01:00:00
VISION Radio S02E18
VISION Radio S02E18

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VISION Radio this week: We have announced our third and final album ‘Closer’ and play you ‘Nova’ by Noisia & Camo & Krooked, out on the 12th of May. More new music by Chimpo, Deft, TI, Current Value and more..

Ebow's Lo-Fi Space Jam:


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Noisia & Camo & Krooked - Nova • VISION

Chimpo - Buzz Army • ASTROPHONICA

Fracture & Sam Binga - Xtatic • ASTROPHONICA

The Upbeats - Villains Cowl (Feat. Armanni Reign) (Buunshin Remix) • VISION

Deft - SKIN • 2020

Current Value - WEIGHT • YUKU

TI - Fucking Syco • NATTY DUB

Gyrofield - Banned Fiction • PILOT

Everything Changes - Baby • SEMINAL SOUNDS

HØST - Put It Down (ft Lst Ky) • DUB

Unglued - Way Back When (Feat. Esther Durin) (Halogenix Remix) • HOSPITAL

Noisia & Former - Cleansing • VISION

Camo & Krooked & Mefjus - Overture • MODUS • VISION RADIO RELOAD

Coco Bryce - Kick Back • CRITICAL

Jon1st & Shield - Distortion Feat. Strategy • DUB

Ebow’s Lo-Fi Space Jam Mix P3 • BANDCAMP

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